“As flowers bloom, so do you bloom, when the time is right.”

I discovered blogging 3 years ago when I was eighteen, yeah, I became internet savvy not too long ago. A few months after I graduated from high school, my brother mentioned to me, in passing, how easy it was to create a blog on free platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Weebly… And how you could share with the world whatever you wanted through it. I was honestly fascinated by the whole idea of blogging, still I’m.

I’d be up till 4 a.m sometimes, I became a night owl, thanks to visiting and reading a myriad of blogs on the internet. I remember, I particularly enjoyed stumbling upon fashion, lifestyle and creative blogs, I would read them, stare and drool over their amazing photos, bookmark them and reread them.

Slowly and all at once, a passion came over me, I wished to put a mark on the blog-sphere, like the many bloggers I had viewed. I wanted to be a source of inspiration as well, I wanted to share snippets of my life as well, I wanted to document my personal journey of self discovery and transformation, I wanted this.

First post! I did it! {insert crazy happy, dancing emoticon here}.My name is Yvonne, welcome to “Jua Na Maua”. Thank you so very much for visiting! Please pass by again to take a ride into my ultimate adventure.

Love & Light


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    1. Haha! One of my friends was telling me how amazing airtel is. Thanks a lot Linet for your support, I really appreciate it. I was wearing a jumpsuit, I'll feature it soon on the blog.

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