Do you religiously follow Scandal? Have you watched it’s latest episode {s}?… If you have, fill me in! Fill me in! I’m yet to catch up on the show from when Olivia Pope mysteriously went missing. My life is not complete, I need to know where Olivia is! Haha!
I tend to gravitate towards an androgynous style when I have the girl flu… It happens almost unconsciously for me, I’m thinking maybe because half of the time I keep wishing I were a boy. 
You know, really, It would be super great, if we girls just got text messages, every month, with the words “Congratulations! You’re not pregnant!” or “Congratulations! You’re soooo pregnant!” instead of going through all this… This hell… Mother nature! Yoo hoo! Ever hear my vents??

So my sister abhors this shirt I’m wearing, but I love it, sis hope you’re reading this, I looooove it… Because leaves.

Shirt: Basic Editions || Shorts: Internationale || Shoes: Converse || Sunnies: Menrad || Sling Bag: John Lewis

Generally, I find man repelling, tomboy looks very comfy and at times like these when I’m surfing the crimson wave, comfort is all I seek in clothes.

Everything I’m wearing is thrifted, except the Masai bracelets which I got from  Kariokor Market, Nairobi. My friend Kevin and I are still playing around with my camera’s settings to find what works best, excuse the meh lighting on the pictures.

Have a lovely, productive week!


22 Comments on “Foliage

  1. Nice…Something I should try out sometime ..Interesting outfit my good ol' primary schoolmate haha , congratz for joining us and thanks alot for reminding me of those days years back!!

  2. i love that shirt and also welcome to the blog sphere!! I would, could tell you what happened on scandal i'm two episodes in…but i care for your mental well being..because honey ….Suspense will kill you…i sweat for four days a week just waiting for the next episode so no….Just wait for the season to end.

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