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Do any of you have this App, “Hair Journal” on your phones? If you do, great!!!
Let me tell you a little something about the App that led me to download it on my phone and that will most probably convince you to do the same. Hair Journal is an App that allows users input their favorite hair products, upload images of their hair and
hairstyles, track length checks on a calendar and even set goals based
on hair length or health. The best part of the App is its customizable
homepage, where you can indicate whether you have relaxed, texlaxed,
texturized, transitioning, natural or locโ€™ed hair.

It’s free by the way! On IOS or Android. It’s freaking awesome, sort of like Instagram for hair, only better.

I’m sharing my “length check”today because I badly want to track my hair progress this year and hopefully retain major length, I’ve decided to quit any server experimentation with my hair, for now till I reach my hair length goal {bra-strap length} I’m going to pay close attention to my hair and basically stick to low manipulation, moisturizing and deep conditioning.
I know of three ways to do a length check, one is where you use a length check shirt, another is where you use comparison shots and the final one, you simply measure using a tape measure.
I chose the latter, straightened my hair using a blow dryer because shrinkage and found that my hair is currently six inches long, somewhere between collar bone length and shoulder length.
Products I Use On My Hair
 See, I’m no product junkie! Ha!
I wish I had the time and energy to write full reviews of the products I have displayed above, I’m pretty fatigued than usual, I guess because I donated blood today at campus, I just want to sleep… Sweet sleep is calling. I’ll do a review of the products in a future post.
Happy New Month! Happy Friday! Hope you have a spanking weekend.

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