Fun With Words!

I recently downloaded this awesome app to my phone, it goes by the name “body needs water”… It’s the best you guys! Since I downloaded it I find it much much easier to drink my target amount of water each day, which is 4000ml. It basically keeps track of my intake, motivates me and reminds me to down a few glasses every two hours by making this pleasant flowing water sound… Yassss to technology!
If you’ve been struggling with taking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, or even less, I suggest you download the app or any other with similar features, simply search for alternatives on Google Play Store, they’re a good number of them, plus, they’re free!!! The benefits of drinking water are way too awesome to miss out on.
Let me begin by saying how much I love nail art and generally beautifully painted nails. I follow a couple of nail art pages on Instagram and I’m always super excited to view their feeds. I happen to see this really amazing “newspaper” nail art on one of the pages I follow and immediately tried it out.
 I wish I was a little patient and calm when doing my nails, the picture above does not show my anticipated results, anyway, it’s my first attempt and I’ve decided to showcase it as a tutorial . 
I hope you also give it a go! Who knows? It may turn out to be way better looking than mine πŸ™‚

Now, to start off
You Will Need:-
1. Light Nail Polish {White, Nude, Grey or Pink}
2. Base Coat
3. Top Coat
4. Old Newspaper
5. Rose Water {any solvent with ethanol will do or actual alcohol like vodka}
6. Nail Polish Remover
7. Cotton Ear-buds
8. Hand Lotion
9. Scissors 
10. Shallow Bowl
1. Assemble everything you need for preparing your nails as listed above.

2. Wash your hands with mild soap before applying your favorite hand-cream, base coat and any light colored nail polish in two coats {let your nails dry for 20 minutes before doing the next steps}
3. Cut up strips of newspaper from an old newspaper.
4. Pour rose water or any liquid that contains alcohol to a small, shallow bowl, I’m using an old ice-cream bowl.
 5. Dip each nail in rose water for about 10 seconds each.
9. Take a small strip of newspaper and press it firmly on your nail for half a minute. Peel it off carefully. You will find the ink from the newspaper will be left behind.
10. Get a cotton bud and some nail polish remover to remove any excess nail polish that has gotten on your fingers. Do not touch your nail with the nail polish remover, it will come off and you don’t want that.
11. Apply a topcoat to your nails. This is important because without applying it, the words will rub off. It also makes nails look lovelier as it gives nails an extra shine.
12. Be impressed with yourself, take lots of pictures of your nails, post the pictures on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram and any other social media, stop strangers on the road and say to them, “CHECK OUT MY NAILS!”
I absolutely enjoy doing my nails, besides being fun I find it to be quite therapeutic.
If you follow me on Instagram, you were probably expecting a travel post today, not to worry, the post should be up by this Friday or the weekend, by the way, I may be more anxious than you are for the post haha!
Love & Light

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    1. Yay! Please share a picture of your result when you try it out, If you're on Instagram you can tag me the photo!!! πŸ™‚ My handle is @yvonnewaluvengo

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