Natural Hair Talk {My Current Regimen + Favourite Products}

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going great!
If there was an award for procrastination, I’d most definitely bag it. I’m aware that a good number of you have been waiting on this post, please pardon me for not putting it up way sooner.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?
So, I’ll basically be sharing with you my wash-day routine for the past two months and products that I use on a regular basis to make my hair healthy and manageable. 
Below are all the products I use on my hair.
When it comes to washing my hair, like many naturals… Where you at naturalistas?! Where you at? By a show of hands? Haha!… I follow some basic steps. Personally, I have seven, which I consider very important, they are:-

 ~ Detangling
~ Pre-pooing
~ Cleansing
~ Nourishing
~ Drying
~ Moisturizing
~ Styling 


Rosewater – Nakumatt Supermarket – Kshs. 65
Spritz Bottle – Bestly Cosmetics – Kshs. 170
I use my fingers, a wide-tooth comb and a mixture of rosewater and water in a spritz bottle to detangle my hair. By following this step I have noticed that the amount of hair I shed after washing my hair or simply combing my hair has significantly reduced.

In order to retain your hairs length, it’s essential to get rid of those knots and tangles. I advice that, when detangling, start from the tips working your way down to the roots.

The reason I include rosewater in my spritz bottle, instead of using plain tap water is because it moisturizes my hair within a very short time, seconds actually, thereby making detangling so much easier and faster.


 Alison’s Tropical Coconut Oil – Nakumatt Supermarket – Kshs. 80
Alison’s Ideal Castor Oil – Naivas – Kshs. 65
Alison’s Ideal Olive Oil – Nakumatt-  Kshs. 57

Naturals can swear to this, a pre-poo is extremely important.

Pre-pooing refers to applying an oil treatment to hair prior to shampooing and conditioning. I can tell you for free, it does wonders to hair, from making it super moisturized and protecting the hair follicle from those nasty chemicals in shampoos and conditioners to improving your hair’s texture and sheen.

I use a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil to pre-poo my hair.


Venus Anti-dandruff Shampoo – Tuskys – Kshs. 108
Organics Conditioner – Nakumatt – Kshs. 289

I used to use super cheap shampoos and conditioners, evidence here, for the lame reason that, “hey! I’m gonna wash it off anyway! So why spend a “fortune”?” What I didn’t realize back then is that they were striping my hair of all its goodness while cleansing it.

The shampoo and conditioner I’m currently using are amazing!!! Until someone recommends other products, I’m sticking to them like glue.


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a picture I posted a few days back on my wash-day, of an egg and avocado.

I really like using homemade hair masks, they’re fun to make, really awesome for hair and cost very little.

I’ll create a separate post on how I make avocado hair mask.

I’ve used commercial hair masks before, but stopped because of the fact that they contain lots of minerals and chemicals that do good to hair for only a short time.

After cleansing my hair with shampoo, I apply a D.I.Y hair mask to my wet hair and cover it with a shower-cap for 30 minutes. When it’s done working its magic, I wash it off then condition my hair as usual, before giving it a last rinse.


I mostly air dry my hair after rinsing and wrapping it up with an old t-shirt to get rid of excess water, but sometimes, though I dislike it, I do visit salons to blow-dry my hair.


Parachute Coconut Oil – Yogi Enterprises (Eldoret) – Kshs. 350
Vatika Coconut Hair Oil – Naivas- Kshs. 240

I’m in love with the coco!… Coconut oil makes my hair so happy you guys!!! I’m currently using Parachute coconut oil, I got it recently due to all the hype it gets from the “natural hair community” and all I can say is that it totally lives up to its hype, for real, it’s the! I use it once a week.

I also use Vatika Coconut Hair Oil, this particular one I use daily on my hair, unlike other coconut products, I can stand its smell, it has a pretty nice scent which I like. It also contains herbs which make hair very healthy.

Dark & Lovely Olive Oil Moisturizer – Tuskys – Kshs. 80
Alison’s Chic Curl Activating Gel – Nakumatt – Kshs. 70
Venus Soothing Scalp Hair Dress – Nakumatt – Kshs. 127

In case I go to the salon, I often hand my stylist Venus pomade to use on my hair, then, on the daily, I’ll use Dark and Lovely Olive Oil Moisturizer to moisturize my straightened hair or Alison’s Chic Curl Activating Gel when making bantu knots.


Regarding styling, I often do bantu knots, flat twist outs and braiding to protect and stretch out my hair. this step, just like the nourishing step, requires a separate post so I can expound on it and fast hand, show you my results.

The three pictures in this post show how my hair looks after an hour of washing, moisturizing and finger combing, basically what I would call “my wash & go.”

I try my best to do a protective hair style at night on my hair, before I sleep, this makes my hair a lot more manageable in the morning and if I do say so myself… On fleek!… Sorry, I just had to.

There you have it! I’ll make it a point to share more often on my natural hair care.
Now, your turn, regardless of whether you are natural or not, what are your current hair care routines? I would really love to know, also which products do you consider the best? Do share! 🙂
Love & Light

14 Comments on “Natural Hair Talk {My Current Regimen + Favourite Products}

  1. I am 10 months post relaxer.I Am a huge fan of the LOC method,I use water,sesame oil(miracle gift from above) and body lotion. I also swear by ORS as a deep conditioner-best thing since sliced! Herbsy Castor hairfood is also very helpful.My hair is thanking me every single day! I've had bad experiences with the coco though…unfortunately.

  2. before i even read this post i just wanted to let you know i actually got a face scrub after reading your post on your face routine, now am on that moisturizer cs i was told to…

    i have natural hair, so this post is another one i am about to really learn from…

    of course i learned, i actually didn't know there were good scented coconut oils, plus finally a moisturizer i can get on the go…

    have a beautiful week darling

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