Visiting Lord Egerton Castle {Part I}

As promised, I’m here to share yet another travel destination.
I visited Lord Egerton Castle a couple of weeks ago, right after I got off work, with that said, please excuse my boring, not-so-glamorous work clothes. If I remember correctly, it was on a Wednesday, well, you see, I had previously scheduled to visit the castle on a weekend, but then I changed my mind as a good number of people visit it on weekends, for picnics, play dates… And I badly wanted to capture the beauty of the castle and it’s environs without people on the background.
To reach my destination, I basically boarded a matatu from Nakuru town  and traveled 14km to Ngata where the 52 room castle stands, a stunning architectural piece that honestly made me feel like I’ve walked out of the 21st century into the 18th century.
I’ve decided to share with you my experience from the tour in two parts. This first part will focus on the outside of the castle. The highlights for me here were definitely the castle’s exterior, beautiful, expansive lawns and gardens which were really pretty to look at and be around. Strolling in the green, flowery garden I couldn’t help but wish I was with one of my closest friends or family member or future bae to experience with the unforgettable moments.

The main history behind the construction of the castle you see below is what makes it absolutely interesting. Read all about it here.

It’s funny how I have a problem with remembering peoples names, but can never forget a face. This really nice gentleman, probably in his late 40s took me around the garden and offered to take a few pictures of me. In case you’re reading this “nice gentleman” thanks again for your warm welcome and kind spirit πŸ™‚

First time I ever saw and touched a Llama! Yeah! They were so cute!!! If I could, I would carry them home with me.

Lord Maurice Egerton was a farmer among other professions, at the Old Machinery Gallery which is in the castles premises, you can see some of the machines and tools that belonged to him.

I will be sharing what lies behind this door in part II of this mini blog series.


So what are your thoughts so far? Is Lord Egerton Castle worth a visit?

I’d love to hear your experiences If you’ve toured the castle before and maybe tips you may have for those planning a visit.

Happy New Month!


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    1. They do allow people to take as many pictures as they want, the only thing that they can charge is taking professional videos. Come to Nakuru Rhee! I'll personally take you around to really cool places haha!

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