Game Drive!

I’m really excited to share with you my experience at a place dubbed Kenya’s second most popular national park after Masai Mara.
I intentionally put Lake Nakuru National Park at the bottom of my travel bucket-list while living in Nakuru Town.
Talk about saving the best for last! 🙂
The memory of riding through the safari game park in a bus is still fresh in my mind.
Within minutes of  the drive, I spotted a vast lake from afar, acacia woodland, intercepted with grassland everywhere.
Driving deeper into the park, I couldn’t help but giggle with myself when I saw a troop of baboons, which reminded me, all too well, of a hilarious story narrated to me as a little girl, of how the baboon ended up with a sore bald a#*! Haha!
We drove on, my camera at hand. I was greatly fascinated by the amazing terrain and rolling landscapes that offered prime vantage points for spotting wildlife, every now and then, I found myself snapping away, wanting to capture the beauty of it all, thank goodness our driver was nice enough to bring the bus to a halt whenever someone requested him to stop so we could take better shots of the many wild animals we met on the way; zebras, rhinos, waterbucks, buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs, impalas.
The best part of my tour was definitely when we were heading towards THE LAKE!!! 
One quick fact before I proceed, what Lake Nakuru National Park has that other major parks in Kenya don’t have is flamingos.
Watching and taking photographs of the pink flamingos and pelicans fishing the shallows was the ultimate highlight for me.
Baboons are always so funny to look at! Lol!
Apparently, since 2014, the water levels in lake Nakuru have been on the rise, as you can see, a good number of trees have been submerged and are all dried up due to the fact that the water is saline. The rise in water levels also affected the population of flamingos, it forced some to flee, but water levels are prone to fluctuation and depending on the time of year or your visit, the flamingos may be back in residence.
Lone tree.
Marabou Storks… These particular birds are scavengers, they often feed on dead/ left overs of dead animals in the park.
Flocks of both lesser and greater flamingos!
So freaking beautiful!!!
Yassss to THE VIEW!!!
Enjoying the view of the lake from a cliff.
My “obligatory tourist photo” hahaha! Yvonne was here!
During the rainy season, Makalia falls, as I was informed by my tour guide is truly magnificent. 
Makalia falls was our last stop before heading back, at this point I was exhausted! 
I thoroughly enjoyed my safari game drive at Lake Nakuru National Park. I will forever remember it as a place that offers great adventure and learning experience.
If ever you’re in Nakuru, I advice that you visit the place too, you will without a doubt have the time of your life. 
Love & Light

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  1. OMG Yvonne, breathtaking photos!!! Take me there, dear God, pretty please! Love all the scenery, so serene and green, and all the dreamy blue hues of sky and waters.
    Beautiful Kenya!

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