Feeling 22

I have honestly and truly missed you guys, so much, as well as blogging.
Today I turned 22 years old.
I’m experiencing a whole lot of feelings right now, I’m happy, as I should be of course, but there are other feelings in play – I feel both young and aged haha! Nostalgic, sad… A little indifferent.
Life decided that it’s time to represent the double two, can you imagine? It didn’t even ask me if I was ready or not… Oh well! I guess I’ll just have to get used to it and hopefully, at some point, replying “22” when my age is asked will not feel weird as it leaves my lips. Also, If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get over the strangeness of calling myself a woman when “girl” is just as awkward… Or maybe, I’ll find out that there is no “aha! This is it” moment in womanhood… Perhaps it is something that does not hit you until you have lived it for several years.
Goodness! I’m I blabbering? I feel like I am. 
Before I get too carried away with my introspection, I figured it would be great to share with you 22 lessons I have learned by my 22nd year.
1. As much as I always want to be in control and run my life’s show as I see fit, I have to constantly remind myself that there is a Director who knows the scenes of my life and His timing is impeccable. Putting God first, allowing Him to lead is the wisest choice.
2. Happiness and inner peace is attracted when you let go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for what it is.
3. You teach people how to treat you.
4. Small changes over time = BIG CHANGE.
5. When it comes to relationships, it’s less about finding the right person and more about becoming the right person.
6. Give and expect nothing in return. Best investment!
7. Speak to your family, friends, significant other more kindly than you speak to anyone else. Too often we speak the most harshly to those closest to us.
8. Beauty is not just a physical experience, but a psychological one as well. Wake up in the morning and say to yourself “I’m beautiful, I’m a goddess” before looking in the mirror.
9. Nothing will change in your life if you don’t do something different from what you have been doing.
10.  Most people in society need things and only care about what they can get from you. Sad truth.
11. Don’t strive for money, top of a career, fame… Luxury. Once you get it, you’ll be more miserable. It’s not by chance that rarely rich people are happy and many businessmen and successful leaders have turned to frugal life after seeing the emptiness of the rich one.
12. After trials, comes triumphs. Whatever life throws at you, remain strong because better times are coming. 
13. People older than you don’t have it all figured out. They may speak with
authority, but they mostly make it up just like you. Most of them are
full of s*#t. But we should listen to their advice anyway… There’s a lot of wisdom
in that s*#t haha!
14. It doesn’t matter whether you need them or not, just treat people right.
15. Time is the most precious possession and the thing you can’t get back. Spend time with people and doing things that add value to your life.
16. Be careful with what you put in your mind. If you teach yourself to ignore the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, especially from an earlier age, your life will be so darn good.
17. Focus on your goals and successes. If you pay too much attention on your past failures or regrets, things wont get any better.
18. If you have haters, you are probably doing something/most things right. When you start to improve and have success in different areas, it’s perfectly normal for people to envy you, dislike you, criticize you and even wish the worst for you.
19. Internally validate yourself. You are enough, nothing and nobody will ever complete you.
20. Enjoy the process. The challenges and hard times you face will enable you to appreciate a better situation.
21. Don’t forget to laugh and smile.
22.  Say ‘yes’ to every request, especially when it’s something easy like
seeing a movie, attending a wedding or supporting a friend. Your friends
will appreciate you, your life experience will increase, and your
comfort zone will continue to expand.
Which of the lessons can you most relate to? Also, Please share any valuble lesson (s) you have learned this year.
Love & Light

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