About To Pop!

In less than 3 weeks I’ll give birth to my baby, it’s rather hard to believe.

Actually, it was not until I sat down, a couple of months ago, I mean really hunkered down that I reflected on the gravity of every ounce of all that is going on with my life right now. 
Knowing that I’m already caring for another person, the baby being literally in me, is wonderful, it’s also scary as hell, stressful, intimidating, alienating, humbling and a million trillion other things. 
The emotions are indeed overwhelming. 
My transition into motherhood was not exactly smooth, I’ve had my fair share of difficulties, still do, but right along the difficulties I am constantly reminded that although difficult, this process, this transition, is so beautiful and is shaping me into the woman I’m destined to be.
I’m happy that I’ve grown at peace with my pregnancy, I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything, besides, it has brought me a change that is more profound than any other I’ve ever experienced. I feel transformed, in a weird sense, it’s like I’m still me but I’m not me, me… You get?… Anyway, I guess it’s only natural. If you’re a mom you’ll agree that having a child elicits more changes both gradual and sudden than anything else could provoke.
I’m grateful for having this opportunity to care for the precious gift in my womb. I’m not too religious but I believe when a woman is pregnant she’s partaking in one of the most eternal and sacred missions God will ever give her. 
I want to thank you for sticking with me, your support means the world to me, I’m not even kidding. Since I last posted, lots of things have happened, as much as I felt bad taking a break from blogging, it was necessary and worth it. I needed time to relax, to face realities, to learn/practice new ways of taking care of myself and my growing baby.
As this month progresses, I wish you peace of soul and mind, love of family and friends and all the good happenings.
Watch out for another post! Hopefully I’ll pop it up before my little angel pops out 🙂

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