My Maternity Photos

Being pregnant is beautiful, feeling your child moving is probably one of the most amazing feelings ever, I mean, it has been a month since I gave birth to Zain and here I am, already missing that time and my belly.


Until it happens to you, I doubt you can fully understand how special it is.
I took maternity photos to remember and celebrate my pregnancy. Initially, I wanted an outdoor photo shoot, but the gloomy June weather couldn’t allow it, anyway, I’m quite pleased with how my studio photo shoot pictures turned out, though there were so many to choose from, here are a couple just to share with you.
For my first look, I chose a simple monochrome outfit that allowed me to use a belt as an accessory, I placed the belt just below my bosom, right where the top of my belly starts in order to accentuate my bump.

When I put together this boho ensemble, I pictured myself wearing it outdoors, near a swimming pool, even better at the beach! Near a waterfall or some place with lots of green, leafy trees and pretty flowers… Bummer!
Since I wanted the main focus to be my  bump, I wore a solid colored maxi skirt and to bring a little fun to the outfit, an aztec print bandeau.
Form fitting, clingy clothing is great for showing off a baby bump!
I know it looks like I had on a tight bodycon dress, actually no, I was wearing a red pencil skirt and a floral crop top.
I always love it so  much when I see pregnant women who don’t mind
showing off all their gorgeous pregnant body curves, they always look so
confident and absolutely stunning! As I mentioned earlier, pregnancy is
beautiful and what a woman’s body does is incredible, there’s nothing
wrong with showing off your amazing body at that time, besides, it’s a
perfect way of paying tribute to your pregnant self.
Huge thanks to Kim Photography for capturing this special, treasured moment, despite feeling uncomfortable, fatigued and dealing with back pain during the shoot, they were accommodating, very patient with me as I changed my outfits and managed to capture shots of my 39 week pregnant belly! I’m so very grateful.
Zain is now five weeks old and fast asleep
beside me, making soft sounds, sweetly cooing and
grumbling, her fingers curl up by her cheek and she frowns and smiles in
her sleep… Aaah! She is my heart outside my body 🙂
Blogging and having an infant to take care of is very tricky, I honestly don’t know how mommy bloggers do it. I’ll try my best to put up posts whenever Zain is asleep I can.
Thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


13 Comments on “My Maternity Photos

  1. Gosh I wish i was this beautiful during pregnancy. Babe you look amazing. So true feeling your child moving inside of you cannot be compared to anything in this world. The mystery of God I that's all i can say. Glad to know you and Zain are doing great. Love the name Zain.

  2. Congratulations on your bundle of joy. Zain is a beautiful name by the way. I have to say that you carried very well and I am sure you are going to bounce back to your normal size in no time. As for blogging with a young one, you will have a routine in no time and all will be back to normal. Enjoy every moment and milestone with her.

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