My Childbirth Story {Part Two}

Giving birth to my baby is a monument of joy within my memory.

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(I took this picture of Zain, 2 hours after she was born)
They say if you walk around and your contractions go away, it’s just Braxton Hicks. At 5 p.m. I mentioned to my cousin that I was going out for a quick evening walk.
As I walked around my neighborhood, the contractions didn’t go away, they became more distinct, they felt like period cramps that would subside, but unlike period cramps they were not unpleasant, only slightly uncomfortable to have, I was certainly not in much pain.
I had no worries, I even went to a local food joint and bought myself samosas, which were a favorite too while I was pregnant and the last thing I ate before giving birth.
To kill time and keep my mind off the increasing pressure I felt every now and again on my pelvis, I popped into a cyber to surf the internet for a little while. Looking back now I find I was very much at ease as my early labor progressed.
At around 7.30 p.m. I got back home, watched some more TV till 9 p.m. I had no appetite, so I didn’t take supper while my family took theirs. We all went to sleep at around 10pm.
I couldn’t sleep, my baby was too active that night.¬†Instead of laying in bed with my eyes wide open I opted to go back to the living room. I checked out my favorite blogs via mobile and read a few articles on labor.
I ended up sleeping on the sofa for a good 2 hours before waking up again at around 1 a.m. on 23rd June, feeling a bit off-color. I stayed calm and timed my contractions to see if they had a pattern, they were 30 to 35 minutes apart. I was experiencing very strong contractions at the time, but definitely manageable. I paced about the living room, belly danced, yes, belly dancing helps to reduce labor pain. I should probably have informed my mom about my contractions, but I didn’t want us to go too early to the hospital and be told I was not in active labor.
Another thing, well, fortunately or unfortunately I was reading a site that made me think I was hours away from giving birth, very misleading, but it helped me persevere the labor pain, thinking the show had just began.
My goal was to labor and give birth naturally without medical intervention.
As my contractions got stronger and closer, 11 to 15¬† minutes apart, I felt nauseous and¬† puked like twice, then came a crazy urge to pee. At about 5.30 pm I went to pee¬† for like the fourth time, all of a sudden I looked down and noticed my mucus plug come out… Gross! Haha! I know! I know! It was a ton of mucus with tinged blood streaks.
I get¬†out of the bathroom and find my cousin has just woke up, she asks me how I’m feeling and if my water has broke. My water hadn’t broke, but my contractions were really strong then, walking was a problem, she quickly goes and wakes my mom up, my mom comes hurriedly and I can see that she’s in panic mode.
Mom asks me how I feel, I tell her in detail how exactly I feel, then she’s like the baby is here and her saying that sends me into panic mode, I’m literally a mixed bag of nerves now. I ask her if I should change out of my pajamas before we go to the hospital, both her and my cousin tell me to go as I am and not worry about how I look.
My mom and I dash out the door to the car, she must have woken up my brother already because I find him in the car ready to drive us to hospital. I am in so much pain, I absent mindedly ask my mom if she has any painkillers.
I start crying, my mom tells me not to cry, she tells me what I’m experiencing is moderate pain compared to the pain experienced while giving birth (big lie!)… In my mind I go like, WTF?!… But what she says definitely stops me from crying.
I¬†clench my teeth and keep my mind blank. I¬†breath deeply, in a meditative sort of way, it surprisingly “numbs” the pain from the strong, painful contractions and the baby pushing hard on my pelvis.
My brother drives as fast as he can, it’s like 5.50 a.m., there aren’t too many cars on the road. I’d die if there was traffic and I were in that state! Lol!
We arrive at the hospital, my mom quickly gets out of the car to check me in, the pain is too much for me to bare, I can’t even get out of the car. My brother tells me to wait till mom comes back.
I remember crying out to God, like, “God help me! God help me!” For like a minute I was free from pain, that’s the good thing about contractions you know, when they stop, you experience zero pain. I get out of the car and head straight to labor and delivery. I get in and I’m directed to the delivery room.
I notice my water has broke and quite embarrassing… I’ve pooped on myself!
I’ve pooped on myself! Aaaaaaah!
It wasn’t much, but still!!!
I tell the midwife on duty I “think” I’ve pooped on myself
She tells me not to worry, because it’s absolutely normal.
She then directs me to one of two beds in the delivery room, tells me to get on it and open my legs wide… In my mind I’m like, the f#@$! But I play nice and follow her instructions to the latter, besides, it’s a public hospital, the worst thing you can do is upset a nurse at a public hospital. I silently pray that the stories I heard about pregnant women getting slapped while giving birth at public hospitals isn’t true haha!
The midwife examines me without sticking her hand up my you-know-what and says I’m fully dilated, I’d hit 10 cm and my cervix was effaced. She tells me to get ready to push.
I couldn’t believe it.
Laying there I was so scared, I won’t lie, I’ve never been that scared in my life.
Everything that happened next was surreal, I was pain free while pushing, but I remember screaming my lungs out when I pushed for the first time, then saying I couldn’t do it. I think the midwife told me something along the lines… “Wewe wacha mchezo, hebu push!”
I held my breath and pushed again for the second time, my mother was beside me all the while, holding me down and¬† encouraging me to push as hard as I can. The third time I pushed the midwife said she could see the baby’s head so I should give her one more strong push, I pushed with all my might and out came my precious baby!!!
Zain was born at 6:19 a.m. on June 23rd 2016 weighing 2.9 kilograms.
Giving birth was the craziest feeling I’ve ever felt, it was unbelievable what my body was capable of, I was in shock, I couldn’t process what had just happened, I was amazed when I set my eyes on my baby, the tiniest form of a human I had ever seen, she came out with a loud cry, a helpless little creature.
The midwife placed her on my chest for skin to skin effect for a few seconds. I held her close with my shaky hands. I was honestly going through the motions, what had happened had not sinked in. She then cut the umbilical cord and took my baby, mentioning “it’s a girl” as she went to clean her.I knew it was a girl from the ultrasounds I took, but now I was certain.

Ever since I was a little girl I wished for my firstborn to be a girl, my wish came true.
I had a second degree tear, which is bound to happen when you push a watermelon out of a lemon hole! Ha!… I got stitched down there, yeah, getting stitched is what you don’t see in movies. It was painful, but I bared it all and it was over in no time.
As you recall, we came rushing to the hospital, so I forgot my hospital bag, it had all my and my newborn’s necessities, clothes, diapers, wet wipes… etc. My mom’s leso really came in handy, she swaddled my newborn with it and held her for me as I went to take a shower.
I took my shower, feeling so weak, but in mind all I wanted was to once again hold the incredible miracle that just came out of me.
I headed to the recovery room all clean where they handed my newborn back to me, my mom left to go bring my hospital bag and FOOD! I was starving, I couldn’t wait to stuff my face.
It was just the two of us, I started taking in what had just happen, the moment I’d been waited for had finally arrived. Holding her in my arms I felt like I was a new person. I was so happy to finally meet Zain.
I tried to stay active throughout my pregnancy so I could have an easy childbirth, but I’d never thought of myself as the type of person who would manage to labor and give birth naturally, I was surprised and so proud of the strength I didn’t know I possessed.
I checked out of the hospital the same day at 2.30pm.
Zain is now 5 months old, thriving and healthy. I’m still adjusting to motherhood, it’s not easy, but it’s such an incredible experience. Watching Zain grow and getting to be with her 24/7 is so very special. She’s mine and I am hers, there’s no better feeling in the world. She¬† completes me.
I’m so lucky to have the most perfect, beautiful and wonderful daughter. I love her so much.
Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my midwife who¬†did a terrific job,¬†my mom, God bless her soul. My¬†family and friends, I’m forever grateful for your support and prayers.
Thanks a lot for reading! If you are a mother, please share your childbirth story on the comment section, in a nutshell at least.

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