Posie K | Matte Liquid Lipstick {Product Review}

Juggling an 8 to 5 job, parenting and blogging has proven to be quite a challenge.

I’d hate for 2017 to be yet another disastrous blogging year as 2016 was. I’m quite passionate about blogging, always have been, so as much as I prioritize my day job and taking care of my daughter, I’ll do my level best to post whenever time allows.

I finally got my hands on a Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick! Woot! Thanks to a business lady I met recently, we became friends so she sold it to me at a much cheaper price compared to what I would pay if I decided to buy it directly from the Kylie Cosmetics website. She had Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks in Mary Jo K and Posie K, I chose the latter because I have two red lipsticks that I rarely wear anyway. Lately I’m drawn to pink, purple and nude shades when it comes to lipstick.

Posie K has truly stole my heart, if I could I would wear it everyday and not feel a need to change it up.
Below is a review of the matte liquid lipstick, my current makeup obsession! Kindly scroll down for more details.


The liquid lipstick comes in a white box with the shade name and shade itself shown at the top and on the sides as drips. Kylie’s name is also displayed on the box in upper case letters.

It’s chic and eye catching, whoever came up with the packaging did great.

The liquid lipstick itself comes in a clear tube and black lid with the drips coming from the lid’s side. You get 3.25ml in the tube and an applicator which is absolutely fine, it glides on the lips when used.


The minute you twist it open, you will immediately notice a strong,  sweet scent. Think vanilla, think bubble gum, think candy.

Once it’s applied on the lips though you can’t smell it.


Posie K is a dark pink-purple shade. I like how it compliments my complexion. It totally suits me, don’t you think? Haha!

It’s a shade that’s perfect for both a daytime and night time look, also it can go so well with a little white dress, a floral dress or even jeans and a t-shirt. Generally it can allow you to wear it for so many occasions, be it going to the office, a weekend brunch or attending a wedding.

This particular shade can suit anyone I believe.


If you’re in Kenya you can buy Kylie Liquid Lipsticks from local re-sellers who import beauty products at Kshs. 1,800 (Roughly $17).

Alternatively you can order directly from or use the online store to get your product and not stress over custom charges.


It’s so creamy, highly pigmented, non-sticky and applies smoothly and evenly to the lips without smudging.
The lipstick takes a little while to dry matte, however once it does eventually dry it stays on the lips the whole day, I’m not even kidding, until you yourself decides to wipe it off your lips, it won’t come off.

Most matte lipsticks are drying, so I did apply my lip balm before applying it, just to be safe, but I was honestly so surprised, it wasn’t drying on my lips at all, it felt quite moisturizing compared to other liquid lipsticks I’ve used before.


As I’ve mentioned, unless you decide to wipe the lipstick off, it won’t come off. This is my most favorite thing about this lipstick actually.

Above is what the lipstick looked like when I got back at my place in the evening, I did take a meal and a drink in the course of the day. Most of the lipsticks I own come off when I eat or drink something, but this one didn’t.

I didn’t need to reapply or retouch either. It’s honestly so long lasting.

Overall Rating


I give it a 4/5 since I love almost everything about it, it’s packaging, color, scent, formula, the fact that it’s long wearing and even price, it’s worth its value. It’s one of those products I would repurchase and recommend to a friend.


I’m planning to buy other shades by Kylie Cosmetics, probably Dolce K, Leo and Kourt K, If I do buy the said shades in future, I’ll do a little product review on them too.

Have you ever tried any Kylie Jenner lippies or anything from Kylie Cosmetics?

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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    1. Yaay! If you wan't it once again then my work is done! This is a successful review! Lol!… Someone mentioned to me that NYX lippies are just as good, would love to try them out, but for now let me keep obsessing over Kylie's

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