Pauline Cosmetics Lip Gloss Review

Don’t you love how lip gloss works wonderfully by giving an attractive pampered look to your lips? Especially when you properly use it on a lipstick or directly on lips?

For about a month now I have been using Pauline Cosmetics lip glosses which I received from the company as a Valentine’s Day gift. To say the least, I’m impressed! I always have one of the glosses in my handbag.

Pauline Cosmetics is a Kenyan brand as I mentioned earlier in my previous post.

Now, there’s a common misconception that Kenyan brands produce substandard products, I’m here to refute that, thanks to the experience I’ve had with Pauline Cosmetics which is a brand that has a range of amazing beauty products including eye makeup, lip accessories and face powder with shades that target the African woman.

I’ll be reviewing four lip glosses, namely, Berry Kiss, Pink Plush, Caramel and Mocha.


Berry Kiss

This is a pink shade with a tint of shine and shimmer. It’s pretty beautiful as you can see. Of all the four glosses this one is my favorite. It’s the one I’m most drawn to.

This particular gloss is the most pigmented of the four and has a fruity fragrance that smells good.

Pink Plush

This is a pink-nude color which I believe is suitable for both casual and official wear.

Of all the glosses, it’s my least favorite, I don’t know, I feel like it doesn’t compliment my skin tone so well.

It has almost no fragrance to it.


This is a neutral-brown shade, smells like coffee!!!


A nude shade which smells delish too. Caramel is great to wear on lipstick as it won’t change your lip color, it will only add that shine you’re looking for.

It’s  great if applied over a matte lipstick as it adds a tad of silken polish to a dry matte look.It can be used directly on lips without any lipstick as well of course and looks nice.

Overall Rating
Packaging: 5/5
The lip glosses come in a black box with the brand’s name, shade name and ingredients written on it in white. Quite classy, I love the packaging.
The glosses themselves come in clear, hour-glass-shaped tubes with two twist up sides, one being a more pigmented version of the other which is an almost transparent lip gloss.
It has doe foot applicators that pick the right amount of the lip gloss and helps in applying it on lips in one swipe with an even look.
Price: 5/5
I don’t like spending too much on lip products, the glosses go at Ksh 550 which is an okay price, considering that the quality surpasses the value of the product.
Pigmentation: 3/5
Pigment is subtle in all the glosses, Berry Kiss and Pink Plush are the most pigmented.
Formula: 5/5
The glosses are feather light on lips, not sticky at all like some cheap lip glosses, creamy, moisturizing and have a slight shimmer to them.
They have normal consistency with moderate thickness that feels so good on the lips.
The fact that they are infused with shea butter and Vitamin A & E is a plus.
1. Affordable.
2. Can be used directly on lips.
3. Superior in formula.
4. Don’t contain any harmful ingredients.
5. Shades can suit everyone.
1. It is not long wearing, you have to reapply after a meal and after 2 to 3 hours.
2. Weak in pigmentation.
Thanks a lot for reading! If you are interested in buying the glosses you can place an order via Pauline Cosmetics website or Jumia.
If you have any questions or inquiries, drop them on the comment section.
Until next time! See you in the next post!

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