5 Latest Fashion Trends 

It goes without debate, trends do come and go, nevertheless I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends of the year by finding out what’s hot/what’s not and of course incorporating what I like into my style.

I’m going to focus on five 2017 fashion trends which I like and which I think you should definitely try if you’re looking to delve into some trends to help spice up your classic pieces and closet staples.

Real quick, lemme mention that I’m digging “ruffles” the most, I can’t wait to go shopping to buy me a ruffled dress… Aaah! I can already picture myself wearing it! Haha!

1. Khaki

2. Ruffles

3. Bra Tops

4. Statement/Bell Sleeves

5. Pleats

Following trends does not necessarily mean you’re a slave to fashion, provided you mix up whichever pieces you like to create ensembles that suit you style and have fun while you are at it.

Hope what I’ve shared will inspire you as you come up with your outfits! Which current fashion trend do you like best? I’d love to know.

Enjoy your weekend! 😉

3 Comments on “5 Latest Fashion Trends 

    1. Hahaha! Why not, of course you can wear the bra top trend, it goes so well with high waist pencil skirts and pants too, if you feel shy about wearing it out you can cover up by wearing a kimono or leather/denim jacket. Thanks for stopping by Wanjiru! I love your new collection of jewelry by the way.

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