Hello April!

Goodbye March! 🙂

It excites me when days come and go, because I can’t wait to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday, which will be on June the 23rd! Aah! I know by then she’ll be walking too. If you have any awesome 1st birthday ideas please share them with me or if you know someone who makes great cake, please hit me up (Email: . I’ll organize the birthday on my own, haven’t settled on Zain’s birthday theme yet though, hope I’ll have figured out what I need to by June.

My personal life aside, let’s talk blogging. In terms of blogging 2017 is a year of experimenting; with new topics, designs, social platforms, companies and everything in between. You notice that I’ve changed my blog’s header and theme, the whole purpose behind tweaking stuff here and there is to allow my blog to grow with me and make it easier to branch out into new blogging territory.

Since the beginning of the year and now I’ve learnt a number of thing, the first lesson being that not having a super focused niche is totally okay! I blog about everything from beauty to fashion to motherhood to travel to random thoughts (Bloom Notes) and surprisingly, people who want to read about each topic seem to find them just fine without getting turned away by the other posts.

Second thing I’ve learnt is that most times you have to take the initiative of approaching companies for blog collaborations, marketing of products or giveaways. I have sent proposals to quite a number of companies, I’m happy with the feedback and looking forward to working with them.

Finally, I have learnt that taking blogging breaks is absolutely okay and even beneficial for my blog. You all know I can go for daaaays without posting, but when I finally have time to write, I am so much more motivated and inspired to create good content. I keep a master list of post ideas, so during these breaks I just fill that list up with ideas I want to try but too occupied or lazy to write at the time. Almost all of my popular posts come right after these long breaks, so I really need to stop feeling guilty when I haven’t had a post up in a while.

Trying to build a successful blog is both a nerve-wracking and exciting experience, I’m so thankful for all my readers that support me, I’m so grateful, you are appreciated.Among my blogging goals in 2017 is to be more open and connected with my readers, so if you’re interested in connecting, you should definitely hit me up or just follow along on any of these platforms (link attached) :-

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Thanks a lot for stopping by! I wish you lots of blessings as we start a new month.

Love & Light! ❤

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