Gray Jeans

I never thought I would ever fit into my gray/grey jeans again! Ha!

I was 68 kilos while pregnant, the heaviest I have ever been my entire life. Looking at my pre-pregnancy clothes during my last trimester I was convinced that I would never be able to wear them again and consequently I would need a complete change of wardrobe. Surprise! Surprise! Ten months post baby, all my clothes fit perfectly.

Quick advice to new moms out there, don’t, DO NOT stress over your weight or how you look after having a baby. You just made an actual human being! I hope you know how amazing and awesome you are for that, If you have doubts let me assure you now, you’re AMAZING! You’re AWESOME! Yeah, you’re a SUPER WOMAN! Instead of worrying about your appearance, you should relax and appreciate yourself for the fact that you played a huge role in bringing a new soul to the world, put your focus on taking care of, loving and bonding with your baby. F@%* societal standards and shame on whoever wants your body to snap back to how it was pre-pregnancy a day or month after you give birth. It takes 9 months to make a baby, it will take more or less the same amount of time for your body to naturally return to how it was.

I’m working on a health/fitness post which will be up in the course of the month. A little spoiler, I’ll give tips on how to manage weight after having a baby and share my diet as well as exercises I do right at the comfort of my home which help me stay in shape. If you’ll be interested in the post, be sure to subscribe so you can get an alert when it’s live on the blog.

Outfit Details

Off Shoulder TopJust Jeans

Gray PantsF & F

ShoesManolo Blahnik (thrifted)

Earrings – Random Boutique

As always, thanks a lot for reading. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love & Light


8 Comments on “Gray Jeans

    1. Thanks dear!… I’m actually looking for a photographer so I can manage to put up more outfit post but I don’t know how to go about hiring a professional photographer.

    1. Thanks Nat!… Have you subscribed? If you haven’t, go to “follow by mail” on the sidebar then enter your name an email address then click on subscribe!Easy! I’ll put up the post soon.

  1. I know some people who actually admitted that they are scared of getting pregnant because they will add more weight, and their “figure” will be ruined. So funny….anyways, I love you this. Good job Yvonne.

    1. Thanks a lot, let me be honest and say I had that same kind of mentality, I thought that having a baby ruins your figure, I was so wrong, it actually sort of, kind of enhances your feminine features

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