Hi! I’m Yvonne Waluvengo, a 22 year old currently living, learning and loving in the green city under the sun, Nairobi.

This blog began on 1st February 2015 as a platform to share my love for fashion, beauty, fitness and travel. It has since evolved into a journal of sorts which provides me with an outlet to document bits and pieces of all that encompasses my life.
Blogging is a great passion of mine, I love it for many reasons, but mainly it’s because it enables me to look back on my posts to see how I have evolved as a person throughout the years and rekindle good memories.
I really enjoy making this a beautiful space and hope that everyone that visits “Yvonne In Bloom” can be entertained, educated and most importantly inspired to dream big, create their own happiness and live their best lives.
Thanks a lot for taking your time to visit my blog! It’s quite an honor to have you here.
Love & Light

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